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Vtechys focuses on innovation and advanced adoption of new technologies to make enterprises practically strong. With the latest blockchain development technology, we provide end-to-end custom blockchain development services to our clients. Using the power of blockchain solutions and technologies, explore a whole new world of scalable, secure, transparent, and interoperable decentralized applications.

Our aptitude in offering advanced blockchain development solutions considers planning all administrations – from incorporating cutting-edge technology to increasing business efficiency. Hence, enterprises can anchor to our blockchain development services to attain automation and next-level transparency in their existing business processes.

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Our Offerings


Vtechys helps startups and established enterprises to make the most of blockchain technology by releasing secure and reliable decentralized solutions for the automation of their business.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

We make use of advanced technologies to offer finest enterprise blockchain development service to maintain high confidentiality. It further helps businesses to decentralize operations while streaming through a solid P2P network. .

Bespoke Blockchain Services

We offer custom bespoke blockchain services that incorporate future-ready plans to generate high business revenue. We work as per the client’s requirements to offer desired blockchain solutions.

Cryptocurrency Development

We also offer advanced cryptocurrency development services to offer clients rapid and bug-free cryptocurrency software at highly competitive prices. We work quickly, efficiently, and skillfully to offer timely services to clients.


Bespoke Blockchain Services


We offer custom bespoke blockchain services that incorporate future-ready plans to generate high business revenue. We work as per the client’s requirements to offer desired blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Consulting

At Vtechys, we first identify your business’ potential for blockchain development. Based on the business potential, we offer consultation that suits your business's unique needs. From market research, blockchain platform analysis, and project feasibility check to feature preference and desired tool selection, we take care of every aspect during blockchain development.

Proof of Concept

With proof of concept (POC) in the blockchain development procedure, we help clients to understand whether or not a project idea is feasible in a real-world scenario. The clients are also acquainted with the blockchain POC framework, different stages, development procedures, and construction verdict.

Smart Contract

We link smart contract software to the blockchain development process to guarantee complete automation, increased transparency, and decentralization of several online procedures. This is how enterprises get rapid business automation without complications.

DApp Development

From UI/UX design to maintenance and support, Vtechys provides complete blockchain app development services to clients. Our skilled developers are experts in creating decentralized apps that smoothly operate on the peer-to-peer blockchain network. Hence, there are no conventional software shortcomings, like lack of transparency, server failure, and security loopholes.

Ethereum Development

Ethereum development facilitates the creation of Distributed Applications (ĐApps) and smart contracts. With this open-source platform, our developers work on identifying the potential use of the best modern technologies for delivering futuristic solutions with better agility, security, and scalability.

Cloud Blockchain development

We understand the importance of using the Cloud to future-proof the modern IT infrastructure. So, our developers work on offering the best cloud blockchain development service to keep everything at your fingertips. We work on offering the right blend of possibilities to your overall strategic vision, infrastructure, and complexities with tailored services.

Enterprise Blockchain Development Platforms


At Vtechys, we work on a broad array of blockchain platforms to offer secure and strong blockchain applications for several industries. Some of the industries that we cater to include healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, finance, logistics, supply chain, and more.

Here are different platforms we work on to meet the business needs of different industries:

Corda Development

Corda helps in developing advanced blockchain networks for secure and private transactions. It is a cutting-edge blockchain platform to help institutions make direct transactions with smart contracts. The transacts are made smooth with the elimination of costly frictions that may hinder business transactions. Since this platform works in normal permission mode, it increases privacy while providing better access control of digital records. Designed initially for the finance industry, this platform is now used for various other sectors as well. Some of these sectors are trade finance, healthcare, government facilities, and supply chain.

Stellar Development

Stellar development platform is great for dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as fiat-dependent currencies. Being a distributed blockchain ledger, this platform is useful for valuable cross-asset transfers. Using the stellar network, blockchain developers can even build smart devices, banking tools, and mobiles wallets with ease.

EOS Development

EOS is another renowned digital blockchain platform. This particular platform is useful for designing and forming secure and scalable applications. It also offers the smart contracts and dApps’ hosting ability to users. Hence, it provides a perfect space for decentralized storage for better enterprise solutions. The resulting solutions are helpful for the users to solve any scalability issue that users can face through Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Hyperledger Development

Hyperledger platform is useful for building various applications and solutions as per modular architecture. It comes with consensus and membership service. It also features various versatile and modular designs that are useful for different industrial users. Hence, it enables the formation of a ‘network of networks.’ Hence, enterprises get a scalable and secure platform for supporting private transactions and confidential contracts.


Ethereum is another leading platform that has become very popular these days. It enables users to make quick and secure financial applications, games, decentralized markets, cryptocurrency wallets, and more. It is mainly used for nullifying access to third parties who generally save data for tracking financial transactions.

Quorum Development

Quorum platform is great for improving and growing in tandem with Ethereum. It won’t apply the consensus mechanism for Proof of Work (PoW). Instead, it depends on the vote-based or other mechanisms to handle various operations every second. Quorum can even handle loads of alterations in the Ethereum platform very efficiently and swiftly. It is because it can change the core of Ethereum just to a limited extent.