Data & Analytics

Achieve Business Intelligence with Data Analytics Services


In today’s time, data is the functional unit of the digital world. It helped information technology evolve and expand to satisfy the needs of consumers. From media companies to technology companies, all struggle to harness the benefits of data and use it to design their services and products. But within recent years, there has been an explosion of raw data which needs to be made actionable and valuable with the help of data analytics. Vetchys LLC’s data analytics services offer powerful insight into actionable data and assist companies in using them to fuel their growth and customer satisfaction. As a result, we enable companies to deliver value through their services and make their business processes more intuitive and agile.

We help companies use data & analytics to create fathomable business and revenue generation ideas while meeting the quality, security, and other data compliance. Experts at Vtechys use technologies such as ML (Machine Learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and IoT (Internet of Things) for advanced data analytics. They help companies make enhanced decisions and enable the augmentation of process automation with desired artificial intelligence.

In addition, we at Vtechys LLC assure data analytics consultation services for innovating and scalable programs to device tangible results. We use various data and analytics technologies: Power BI, Pentaho, Tableau, MicroStrategy, D3.js, High charts, and Informatica.


Our Offerings


We offer powerful data analytics and insight services imbibing the STRL system to convert raw data into actionable data.

Data Engineering

We offer a holistic approach to data transformation and data engineering to create a centralized data repository for a 360-degree excess. We aim to transform organizations' data pipelines through our data engineering services for streamlining the data movement from the data warehouse, marts, and lake. Our trained experts also help manage the unstructured data with the help of natural language processing algorithms.

Our data engineering solutions help you achieve your business goals and monitor operations of excellent business importance.

Data Visualization & BI

Data visualization and business intelligence go hand in hand. Our data visualization helps translate business data into well-informed decisions and actionable insights. In addition, it helps companies leverage the benefits of visual elements to innovate ideas shaping the next business move.

Vtechys LLC's business intelligence and data visualization services help businesses understand the latest business trends, realize important trends, and achieve growth. Our services help identify the market shifts and use data to predict the upcoming events. We help companies implement BI tools, Paginated Reports, dashboard development and optimization, and business intelligence migration.

Data Science

With our Data Science and Advanced Analytics services, companies can predict the business trends and outcomes across the different industry verticals. We have experts who have the skills to predict the hidden pattern and help your business become future-ready. Our experts apply innovative algorithms for generating structured data and use it to solve critical business issues hampering the growth and scaling process.

We help your business with predictive analysis through data science services with the implementation of machine learning, voice and image recognition with NLP analytics, and processing bulk data with statistical analysis and data optimization.


Business Benefits Using Our Cloud Services


With every organization facing challenges in understanding the market trends and creating personalized market plans, our data analytics services can help transform your enterprise’s data into valuable insights while reducing the risk involved in future predictions.

Analyze with Data Analytics

We help you analyze the current market trends to predict and tap the customer behaviour and create innovative decisions.

Strategize with Data Analytics

We help you strategize according to market trends and mitigate the risk with data analytics and provision.

Grow Business with Data Analytics

We help you harness the power of the right information and well-formulated business strategies to derive efficiency and business process productivity.

Generate Revenue with Data Analytics

We offer streamlined data analytics services to attain business process efficiency and optimize the campaigns to generate better revenue.



Industry Use Cases


Vtechys is helping businesses harness the power of Data Analytics to attain much-needed business intelligence for improved decision-making.


Our expert data analysts helped design and implement a data pipeline to create a cloud-based lake with batch and ELT operations. We also developed data warehouses for various agencies in sales and finance operations.


Data analytics can play a significant role in risk analysis and management. At Vtechys, we helped companies use data science and analytics to conceptualize their investment portfolio with advanced analytics and ML (Machine Learning). We also helped them with business BI tools such as simulator, fund performance, and portfolio performance. These tools enabled them primarily with economic indications and market cycle prediction.


Even financial businesses, like banking, insurance, etc., can benefit from cloud solutions to gain better agility, business capabilities, and automation. Since the online processes become easier and smoother, customer experiences are also enhanced while providing better ROI.


Vtechys helped logistics companies modernize their warehouse management and inventory handling system. We helped them with a business application to schedule logistics and reduce the wastage of food items. We implemented RFID and barcode for a smoother and quicker delivery mechanism using mobile apps. Seeing wastage of food items as a particular industry problem, we made regression and classification models easy with machine learning.


We utilized the data analytics' predictive forecasting features to power the sales data, economic shift data, and customer behavior in the ecommerce industry. In addition, we helped our prominent client establish data pipelines to source raw data and process it for market insights and trends.

We helped our client accumulate the data from various sources and convert it into actionable insights to comprehend consumer behavior and shopping trends with our business intelligence tools. We take the help of customer relationship analytics, security intelligence, recommendation engines, and the internet of things to achieve desired results.