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We are good at boosting your business’s visibility online and growing it using complete digital marketing solutions such as SEO, content marketing, ORM, CRM, paid ads, social media management, local listings optimization among others. 

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VTechys acknowledges the unique problems that Canadian digital marketers face. Our personalized offerings cater to individual needs aimed at achieving the best possible results. Our holistic solutions are meant to increase traffic to your site, boost search engine rankings, engage visitors as well as manage online reputation.  

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Customized Digital Marketing

We make tailored digital marketing strategies after doing an extensive analysis of what a company wants as well as market requirements. These plans include elements of SEO, content marketing, social media advertising plus PPC which give optimal results.

Social Media

We design unique social media campaigns that are intended to engage your audience, foster interaction and generate traffic to your site. These strategies mirror the business goals you have in the current market scene.


Our PPC campaigns are customized for specific audiences and keywords, ensuring that each dollar spent on advertising produces maximum returns. We constantly track and optimize these campaigns for better performance.


Our email marketing techniques focus on enriching content creation which is personalized with a view to nurturing leads as well as retaining customers. This will help develop strong customer relationships which lead to conversions.



We employ cutting-edge SEO techniques that are tailored specifically for your business including keyword optimization, high-quality content creation, backlink strategies and technical improvements on your website so as to increase its visibility on search engines. 

In order to meet this goal; we carry out analysis of market demands alongside goals of your enterprise. As such we come up with personal strategies encompassing Seo mixed with content marketing, social media, PPC among others.