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  • VTechys, our premium Reputation Management Company consists of professional digital marketing experts who are proud and passionate about helping companies build, repair, manage and spread their brands world-wide.

    Being the foremost Online Reputation Defenders and Profile Defenders, we provide customized solutions that fit various needs and different clients

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Online Reputation Management Crisis Control

Our comprehensive ORM strategies have been designed to protect and enhance your digital reputation. In a crisis situation, our team of experts act quickly to mitigate damage, remove negative comments and restore your brand’s image with precision.

Handling Critique & Score

We provide strong end-to-end solutions for handling critiques as well as scores. We address constructive feedback and manage all forms of negative comments professionally. By doing this, you help maintain a positive online image while turning possible setbacks into developing opportunities.

Monitoring and Listening via Social Media

Stay ahead with our advanced monitoring and listening tools. They follow what is being talked about on social media platforms about your brand. Our marketing intelligence team provides useful data for decision making even at business level where opportunity exists for marketers who seek immediate customer feedback.


Push down negative search results and boost positive content with our reverse SEO techniques. We help in pushing down bad reputation from search engine ranks by keeping off links from spammy websites through disavowing link method. This helps improve visibility of website contents since they become more visible on search engines.


Push down negative search results and boost positive content with our reverse SEO techniques. We help in pushing down bad reputation from search engine ranks by keeping off links from spammy websites through disavowing link method. This helps improve visibility of website contents since they become more visible on search engines.

Controlled Digital PR

Leverage our controlled digital PR campaigns to shape public perception and enhance your brand’s image. We create targeted press releases as well as media strategies that can highlight your achievements and effectively help in managing your narrative.

Why Vtechys


Best ORM Company With 98% Overall Satisfaction

Company that Works Across All Industries

Over 10 Years Of Professionalism

25k+ Negative Links/Comments Removed

Online Reputation Management Services


Affordable Reputation Management Services

We boast of being acknowledged as the industry top Reputation Management Consultants at VTechys. Our advanced Online Reputation Management Services include all the essential areas required to keep you ahead of your

Cleaning and Controlling First Three Pages of Google

With customers now basing their decisions on online information, managing online presence is critical. Our reputation management consultants ensure your Google searches display the content
you want your customers
to see.

Negative Content Removal/Suppression

Brand reputations can be ruined by negative writings. Irrespective of whether this is videos, blogs, reviews or complaints, our ORM services target such contents and carry out a proper cleans up from Google search results. We manage the damage effectively.

Emergency Solutions

Our crisis services are in a class of their own. In cases where unforeseen events are impacting negatively on business performance, we step in immediately to help regain control and
recover damages

Monitoring Social Media / Listening

We do an excellent job when it comes to monitoring all mentions made about your business online. As a result, these online monitoring tools assist in improving our reputation among the audience by gaining more trust from them.

Google Auto Fill

A positive suggestion displayed by Google Autofills can have significant implications for your company’s reputation. At times it has
been found that this

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Bad press, blogs & content branding:

We provide comprehensive ORM services for removing and managing defamatory content on the Internet in support of investors.

Reviews & Ratings

Reviews play an important role in purchasing decisions of customers, so we help brands get good, honest reviews by providing them with rating management services.

Based on 7 reviews
I hired them for digital marketing and SEO services to build the business I launched a while ago. I am seeing consistent results where more customers are now reaching out to us. The results looks promosing so far.
Eileen Carter
Eileen Carter
Recently, I worked with an agency in improving my business name recognition on Facebook and Instagram as part of my onliine reputation management strategy. Read all about my experience below: Pros: Full-Service Social Media Reputation Management Advanced understanding of Facebook and Instagram branding It has a great communication and fast response. Large Growth In Social Media Interaction & Brand Image Target 8/ Transparent & Valid Service Cons: Initial investment cost Real-time monitoring and engagement needed to get lasting impact
Agnes Donolly
Agnes Donolly
They are the best I have worked with, delivering exactly what they promised before starting the project. In the past, I had some negative reviews on social media from competitors trying to damage my online reputation. I reached out to them, and they handled the situation ethically, which I really appreciated. Over the course of three months, they gradually rebuilt my online reputation on Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram. I enjoy working with them because they operate on East Coast time, and if I need any information, they are quick to jump on a call and resolve my issues.
Lynn York
Lynn York
i have been really impressed with this agency's work on building the reputation of my house cleaning business.Their team has be proactive, creative and dedicated. I have seen big boost in my customer reviews and trust.
Tommy Taylor
Tommy Taylor
I was able to have Vtechys rank my GMB effortlessly! Best Online Marketing company in CT!
Curt Taylor
Curt Taylor
Hired this agency for my local GMB reputation bulding work, they did a good job. Now i am visible in all social media and getting good amount of customers and good reviews.
Kelly Trim
Kelly Trim
VTechys is the best for Online reputation management. I was struggling with my social media presence and growth. This team started the work since April and i can see the improvements. There are many companies who are hiring people out side of USA and doing all the work but these people are based out of west coast and east coast. So easy to communicate with their team in different time zone.
Fran Weldon
Fran Weldon